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Interior Detailing

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Premium Interior Detail

  • Remove and clean rubber floor mats/carpet floor mats
  • Blow out interior under seats, hard to reach areas, and vents
  • Thorough vacuuming of interior and cargo area
  • Cleaning of the dash, door panels, center console, cup holders, etc.
  • Treat dash, door panels, center console, cup holders, etc with protectant
  • Clean and condition leather seats
  • Light steam cleaning of upholstery seats
  • Light stain removal on carpets floor mats
  • Glass and all screens cleaned

Heavily soiled, muddy, sandy, pet hair, heavily stained interiors will be an added cost.

Car interior sanitization

Interior Sanitizing

Our Multi-Step Interior Sanitizing package builds off our premium interior detail and also offers special cleaning techniques and products designed to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. After we clean all of the surfaces, we use a medical-grade antimicrobial protectant to keep germs and bacteria from accumulating. This product protects for up to six months.

On top of our already meticulous standards, we steam clean seats, headliners, carpets, and high-touch areas. We also use a vehicle-specific interior cleaner that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

The protectant is applied to carpets, seats, dash doors, etc. This product contains BioCote, a medical-grade antimicrobial that defends against bacteria build-up for up to six months.

This Service does require our Premium Interior Detail.

Car carpet stain removal

Stain Removal and Carpet Extraction

Stains in carpets and fabrics can be difficult to remove, which is why we use products dedicated to cleaning specific types of stains. Tannin stains are those from coffee, juice, tea, and soda and require a specific type of cleaner. Protein and grease stains, on the other hand, require a different type of cleaner than tannin stains.

Carpet extraction, aka carpet shampooing, is the process in which you remove that stains after pre-treating them with cleaners. Many shops put carpet cleaner directly in the carpet extractor. This process doesn't allow for the proper rinsing of the cleaner from the fabric and can actually increase staining in the future, as the soaps will gather dirt faster. Our process at Colorado Auto Spa is to pre-treat stains prior to extraction, fully removing any cleaners that were used.

We use this process on carpets and upholstered/alcantara seats to remove heavy staining.

This service does require our Premium Interior Detail.

Interior Auto Detailing Denver

Interior Extras

  • Headliner cleaning
  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Pet hair removal

Colorado Auto Spa will not work on vehicles with bodily fluid (vomit, blood, urine, feces, etc) no exception. Prices are subject to change ippon in person inspection of the vehicle. Additional fee for heavily soiled and personal property removal.

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