What is Ceramic Coating?

What is Ceramic Coating?

Anyone who cares about their car should invest in ceramic coating. Whether you are looking to save time cleaning your car, or just want to protect it against outside hazards, stopping by Colorado Auto Spa for a ceramic coating is the perfect move to make. As one of the first shops to be certified in ceramic coatings when the process arrived on the market about a decade ago, we are experts on the topic. As such, our team has assembled everything you need to know about the service. Continue reading to learn more.

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Ceramic coating is a specialty automotive coating process that provides unparalleled protection to paintwork, glass, metal trim, and virtually any exterior surface on your vehicle. This helps guard, corrosion, dirt build-up, and reduces the number of bugs and. Ceramic coatings protect against chemical and UV damage are easier to clean as the help release dirt and road grime during the pre wash process

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Ceramic coating has its own unique properties that make it stand apart from other car care products. Among the benefits is the coating’s durability. While the coat protects your vehicle from hazards that can damage your vehicle, the coating itself remains unblemished too. This impervious quality makes the service invaluable.

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Ceramic coatings maintain your vehicle's beauty through protection and shine. These coatings are most commonly used for cars with light and dark-colored paint finishes because they add a gorgeous quality of depth to vehicles. As ceramic coatings protect your car’s paint from fading, it also enhances its color to appear more vivid and glossy.

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Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

Our Gtechniq ceramic coating products are the best in the industry due to our unique technology which allows Gtechniq to reach an unprecedented hardness of 9H. This means you could scrape quartz sandpaper on the coating and Gtechniq still won’t scratch! Gtechniq ceramic coatings offer extreme weathering capability while keeping your vehicle's paint looking sublime. Find this option today at Colorado Auto Spa.

To have your vehicle protected with a beautiful ceramic coating, visit Colorado Auto Spa today.

Our team of experts will install the best ceramic coatings Denver has to offer. Contact us to learn more about how our team of auto detailers can help your ride.

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