Car Washing vs. Detailing

Taking care of your Colorado vehicle is more than just a luxury; it’s essential to retain its value and to ensure it continues to be a source of pride for you and your family. Colorado Auto Spa recognizes and understands the universal passion high-end car owners feel with regards to maintaining a flawless interior and exterior for the vehicle. Servicing the Denver and Boulder areas since 2011, we’re a community leader in auto quality and innovation. If you’re looking to take great care of your vehicle, especially through the convenience of our mobile car detailing, we’re going through the unique distinction between car washing and car detailing. Contact us today to learn more!

Car being sprayed with water

The General Difference

The most obvious difference between car washing and car detailing lies in the overall quality of both services. A car wash almost exclusively refers to the exterior of the vehicle, and can be performed either by hand or through an automatic drive-thru location; sponges and soapy suds are spread all around the body of the vehicle in an effort to eliminate dirt. Mobile car detailing from Colorado Auto Spa, on the other hand, is far more thorough, as it focuses on persevering the aesthetics and functionality of the vehicle through typical washing, waxing, and buffing, as well as interior vacuuming and cleaning.

Man polishing exterior of car

Distinctly Different Levels Of Sanitation & Quality

Mobile car detailing from Colorado Auto Spa translated to a higher level of care for your high-end vehicle. This is because normal car washing — performed either by hand or by an automatic car wash — is liable to leave scratches or dents on the body of a car due to harsh brushes and sponges; it's also possible for the soap to not be washed off properly and to leave a residue. In short, this type of cleanliness tends to be of a lower quality. In contrast, mobile car detailing focuses on ensuring every small square inch of metal is shining and flawless; this is achieved through several different steps, including a pre-wash, a more thorough wash, wax application, and sanitation. Schedule a service with Colorado Auto Spa and you’ll see the difference instantly!

Vacuuming the interior of a car

Interior v. Exterior

A key weakness in typical car washing is that it only focuses on the exterior of a vehicle (even if it’s done poorly), and it’s incapable of taking care of the interior without damaging everything from the stereo system to the high-quality seat material. Colorado Auto Spa is changing all this, however, with our mobile car detailing for both high-end cars and RVs. This full-service, detail-oriented approach to care maintenance leaves the exterior looking as if it was just driven off the lot, while also restoring the interior back to its original glory, including the:

  • Rubber floor mats

  • Under the driver’s and passenger’s seats

  • Dashboard, door panels, center console, and cup holders

  • All glass, windows, and screens

  • And more!

Car being detailed

Which is Better Overall?

After considering both options, our auto management experts at Colorado Auto Spa recommend choosing car detailing over a typical car washing. This is because services like our mobile car detailing not only fits into your schedule whenever you need, but provides an enhanced level of care to all aspects of your pride and joy. Our owner, Bill Anderson, continues to share his passion for well-maintained and gorgeous-looking cars and is eager to help you have the best experience possible. Don’t risk sustaining any damage or a low-quality cleaning — learn more about our interior and exterior car detailing today!

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